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Why choose our printer?

Buy a professional and highly efficient printer is the crucial which decide your business success , so you really should make your decision after you reading the following facts :
1.Unbeatable production efficiency.
2.Unbeatable Print-head Intelligent Self Double Protect System
3.Unbeatable New Radiance technology which optimum color gamut And advanced Micro Piezo print head with VSDT technology
4.Superior Hi-Gloss printing effects with Superior capability of scratch and wear resistance, water resistance, impact , high temperature resistance.
5.We are professional, So we can provide you the best personalized solution and the latest new technology .
6.In which field business we could help you (for more)

Flatbed Printers

Printed Samples

  • digital flatbed printer 001
  • digital flatbed printer 03
  • flatbed printing 02
  • flatbed printing 04
  • flatbed print
  • flatbed print 04
  • screen printing
  • screen printer
  • screen print
  • flatbed printers
  • flatbed printer 05
  • flatbed printer 06
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